Thank you for coming to have a look at my personal website. For those of you that don't already know me I'm Alexis D. Vyne & I live In Vancouver. While I do like to be modest I love the flattery that I get from others as well as the attention and adoration. I've created this website with interactive features, a photo gallery, video gallery, a shopping area and more for my fans and admirers..

My profession is as a companion that makes your wildest fantasies and dreams come true and shows you the best parts of both worlds so to speak. I entertain as an exotic entertainer, porn star, companion or playmate and I am very open to many different things, never being judgemental. I enjoy a wide variety of activities including sensual massage, role play, fetish scenes, bdsm, hot kinky sex and so much more..

I live in downtown Vancouver BC and enjoy an open, fun and adventurous lifestyle. In my home I have a well equipped play space with lots of toys and equipment and a separate room dedicated to massage..

Vancouver Shemale TS Alexis DVyne - Vancouver Shemale Escort

I'm 42 years old, 6' with out heels, 155lb slender and very toned body, 38DD-29-37. I have long blonde hair, sky blue eyes and I am smooth everywhere. My package below is a little monster, uncut, at just over 8" long, 1.9-2" thick, straight, picture perfect, fully functional and yummy..

I travel quite a bit mostly in Canada and throughout Central America, for work and pleasure. I tend to favour Mexico in the winter months, Puerto Vallarta is my favourite destination and the Mayan Riviera being my second choice. My travel schedule tends to vary a bit and is sometime spontaneous as well. To keep up to date on where I might be traveling to next you should watch my travel dates page here on the website.

Throughout my life I've always been a leader and not a follower. As an entrepreneur I've enjoyed the freedoms of owning my own businesses and running my life the way I've wanted to. In addition to being a amateur porn star, SP, Dominatrix & Masseuse, I am a Web Developer and Graphic Designer. I enjoy traveling and having as much fun as humanly possible when ever I can.. Everyone who meets me realizes quickly that I am a very open, accepting and unbiased individual. I am accepting of most everyone's view and manage to get along great with everyone around me. I enjoy life, enjoy people and love everything this world has to offer. My outlook is always positive as I move forward, living my life and helping my friends.

Vancouver Shemale TS Alexis DVyne - Vancouver Shemale Escort

On a more physical level I have undergone HRT and had breast augmentation done in May 2012 and redone in November 2014. Thus far I haven't had any surgery done other than the breast enhancement and everything is 100% natural. I'm looking forward to the changes going on and the way my life has changed. I have never been happier in my life than I am right now and I only see it getting better.

Over the next few years I'm really going to enjoy everything that life has to offer. It's going to be a very interesting and new road ahead for me and it honestly feels natural and like the right thing to do. All my life I've been thinking about making it to where I am now and life is good. After all what do we have if we don't live our dreams and try to reach for the stars.

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